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Hit it with a sausage
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July 9th, 2010

Hit it with a sausage

This is breaking news coverage for any of you were wondering why tigers roar at you in zoos.

Yes, I speak their language.

Yes, they tell me that humans taste like pork.

No, I have not tried any of this particular variant of pork-alike meat product.

For Photographers

I was asked nicely to create a ‘safe for work’ version of the ‘Hit it with a sausage‘ strip.

Well, I’ve linked it here, and I believe preserves the original intent of the strip without watering it down too much.


Sorry about the lag…

I’ve been having to help my wife with a bunch of things and have been just busy in general- so my buffer of completed comics to post on here has been depleted. I would rather be late on releases than produce schlocky, recycled, half-assed garbage.

In any event, here’s a sneak peek of one of the things I needed to take care of for her.

Image is small, but mainly because this mini series of illustrations isn’t completed yet.


Corporate Hell 2.0 - A miniseries of incompetence, greed, and waking up from the hangover that is the American Dream.

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Working on some cool stuff…

I’m working on some cool stuff, but I’m also busy with the day job and familial commitments… which means I might crank down comics to one per week for a little while- perhaps a month or so, until the holiday season here around. I would prefer it that way so I don’t feel forced to squeeze in some half-brewed crap twice a week- and make sure that it’s properly brewed crap once per week :)

Away Traveling…

I’m out of town until Thursday, and have been pretty swamped taking care of things prior to the trip so I didn’t build up enough of a buffer of comics. More will be posted once I get back!

No new comic for 10/15…

Sorry, been pretty busy again- this day job and life in general is interfering with my slacking.

I’ll publish on Friday 10/16 to make up for it.

I’ve also been preparing for a trip that I need to take in the near future.