Gary Hobostein
Roving Arthropod Abbattoir
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Roving Arthropod Abbattoir

If you’ve spent enough time on a farm, you’ve probably been bitten and stung by everything imaginable in the wild… horseflies, wasps, hornets, beetles, and green snakes… But if you’re a migratory city slicker like these fellas… well, you simply don’t know any better.

Okay, I think I have some ‘splaining to do about this strip. I did not make it necessarily to be funny, but it’s showed up as a situation in my dreams several times now.

This is my attempt to decipher what the hell went on in my warped subconscious, wrapped in a comic and mild social commentary. The ‘WTF’ look on my wife’s face after she saw this one was priceless. The ‘OHH I GET IT NOW’ look and agreeable rant bordering on an Objectivist clinic had me a bit scared, and on her end was probably in priceless territory as well. I don’t really have a freaking clue what any of that meant, so y’all could just ignore it. If anything, if even one person reads this and is like… “whoooaaaaa”… and then suddenly is inspired to take a stab at the Grand Unification Theory, then sweet. I’ve done my job. Whatever that might be.

Otherwise this page is here to provide sidebar-level proof that I am clinically insane should the need/opportunity present itself.

Are you an MD? Print this out, and sign here:

I hereby certify that Tijger is crazy.