Gary Hobostein


Gary Hobostein

About This Comic Strip

This stuff is mature entertainment.

Our definition of maturity means anyone who can handle any of the following: Poop jokes, off-off-off-Greek tragedies, vomit jokes, homelessness issues, hemorrhoid jokes, violent slapstick routines, psychological disorders, corruption,  relentless assaults on bigotry, paranormal non-sequiturs, banana jokes, random insect cruelty, fart jokes, digs at abuses of power, and jabs at any group or humanity imaginable from organized religion to labor unions, to excessively adoring fanboys.

If you can’t handle this please kindly step away from this site. Otherwise, thanks for reading, and welcome aboard.

About The Author

TeeeeeeeejirrrrrrrrrrrrThe strip was created by Tijger Tsou, who lives and works in New York City. He is perfectly happy to be in an environment where he can be a crazy weird jackass yet blend in with the crowd (mostly).

His day job puts him in contact with a variety of interesting personalities to doodle about. His loving wife tolerates his antics so long as she does not actually have to view any of these comics or suffer from any of the sound effects which are produced as a result of the creation process.

He is acutely aware of his limited artistic skills, and therefore tries to draw things in as simplistic a manner as possible. He also hates having to write about himself in the third person, so that’s all we have for this section so far.