Gary Hobostein


Welcome to the archives. This is a pile of all the comics which have been published so far.


Jul 9 Hit it with a sausage
Apr 5 Rove, you magnificent bastard!
Mar 28 Pronouncing Zihuatanejo
Mar 22 Playing with Chekhov’s Boomerang
Feb 24 On the way to Prokhorovka


Nov 10 Built like the Pyramids
Oct 27 Crossing the ‘T’ for the Viscount
Oct 17 Brown Dragon River Province
Oct 13 The Colossus of Chapterhouse
Oct 8 Roving Arthropod Abbattoir
Oct 6 The Woodland Kingfisher Express
Oct 1 A different set of grooves
Sep 29 A legendary Imperial indeed
Sep 23 We’ll always have Karachi…
Sep 17 The Policy of Truth
Sep 15 Lazy Meadow Zuchthaus
Sep 10 Curiously explosive pollination
Sep 8 For the love of Philadelphia
Sep 3 Champion of Desiccants
Sep 1 Confounded in my beliefs
Aug 27 The third fastest thing in the world
Aug 25 Rhythmic colonic defibrillator
Aug 20 Defishing Noctilux night soil
Aug 18 A barycentric griefing motion
Aug 13 The Schuylkill Möbius Tapestry
Aug 11 Tron, on a Hobo’s Budget
Aug 6 The Cromwell Manoeuvre
Aug 4 Kapitän Fotzepolitik
Jul 30 Turning over the Maybach
Jul 23 The Long Shot to Juarez
Jul 21 Connaisseur de l’odeur de gaz
Jul 20 Convalescence of Trust
Jul 9 Still small voice forsaken
Jul 7 A moment of financial levity
Jul 2 The Hobo Golf Invitational
Jun 30 The Duke of Bloop
Jun 25 A noble virtue indeed
Jun 23 So that’s how they do it…
Jun 18 Psychological battle weapon
Jun 16 The Szechuan Ring of Fire
Jun 14 Express Train to Golgotha
Jun 11 The Sandwich Board of Harlem
Jun 9 Sometimes a soft landing
Jun 6 Gary’s fear of pharmaceuticals
Jun 4 (HT) Shampoo Your Hair with Minimal Water
Jun 3 Strolling by a beached whale
Jun 2 Emperor of the Night
Jun 1 Hobo Paintball
May 31 The Photographer
May 30 Gary’s advice for picking up ladies
May 29 Drafting a literary masterpiece
May 28 Hello there on the Interweb