Gary Hobostein

The Cast

Gary Hobostein

Gary Hobostein is a simple man.  He is homeless by choice, traveling within Flat City during the summer months, and migrating south where it is warmer during the winter.

Once an twitchy and perpetually nervous person, Gary is the product of overbearing parents who held him up to unrealistic standards. Gary finds his inherently dangerous, nomadic, slacker lifestyle oddly is exactly what he needs to keep himself sane and happy.

Gary has hemorrhoids, but he has a fear of hospitals. He is occasionally beset by the demons of alcohol, sloth, and senseless violence.

Earl Jackson

Earl Jackson is Gary’s best friend, and they have known each other for quite some time.

Earl shares with Gary a similar, slacker-drifter philosophy about life, universe, and everything.

A bum does no work at all, whereas a hobo does migrant work every once in a while- and Earl is definitely more eager to pick up a job to make some money than his peers as an average.

Don’t be confused by Earl’s desire to have some cash in hand with a general lust for the trappings of wealth. Earl has been there, done that, and it’s just not a lifestyle for him.

“Angry” Dave Hallock

David suffers from a variety of psychological and physical ailments.

Once when he was younger, he was a more agreeable person and was actually fun to hang around. Well, that was then- but now he is burdened with the baggage of being a raging sociopath guided by visions of delusional grandeur.

Forever caught in the past, David frequently overestimates his abilities and won’t hesitate to tell his life story to anyone fit to listen.

Unfortunately, the conclusion of story time usually involves the “Loose Cannon” chapter, where David, searches the world for suitable targets- one fistfight at a time.

Jake “Whitehawk”

Jake fancies himself to be an international man of mystery- if by international you mean the whole mid-eastern sector of the United States to encompass the entirety of the known civilized world.

Jake is prone to blame others for his failures, no matter how slight they are.

He definitely lives up to the ‘man of mystery’ part… it is a mystery why nobody has strangled him for his insolence yet.